A battle report video: Blood Angels vs Grey Knights. It is the third video produced for Faeit 212. Filming seems to the most important aspect of getting these battle reports in, as it makes or breaks what you can do in the editing phase of the project.

A big thanks goes out to my opponent for letting film this battle to get in some practice making these reports. To see more videos from Faeit 212, follow the link below, or simply check the tab above and go the video page of the site.

This battle was a fierce one, as he kept his heavy hitting vindicators mostly out of site. When they struck they did so with a tremendous amount of damage. Of course I did fail 8 straight cover saves, but the dice were not playing favorites that night and the Blood Angels suffered their own dice mishaps.

Of special note, psybolt ammo was really ripping apart any razorback that got in range. The battle was a close one for several rounds, we did end after the top of turn 5. It is very likely that I would of had a 3rd objective by the end of the round, and my grey knights were about to sweep through his assault squads. That is why we ended it, it was getting late, and there was not much he could do to stop my advance into a 6th round.

One the bright side, the far right edge of the table was completely taken by the blood angels. I had thought to get that far objective with the amount of units I sent over there, but his blood angel Sergeant was adept enough to slay 5 purifiers single handedly from one unit, and 1 from a second unit before falling. Last time I had played him, I remember his sergeants doing something very similar. Add in a couple outflanking flamestorm cannons, and there was not many Grey Knights left over there to compete.

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