The fan based cgi movie project seems to have recieved a Games Workshop response, and a very positive one at that. Now that has me all excited, because this is an excellent project, and already from the looks of it, is going to be better than the Ultramarines movie we already endured. (now dont get me wrong, Ultramarines was better than a fork in the eye, and I have seen it several times.... while modelling or working on other hobby stuff).

Lord Inquisitor is a fan-based cgi project with no intentions what-so-ever of making a cent off of it. He should however get a job from GW though from it. If you have not seen the trailer, I re-posted it above. Lets take a look at what was said........

Here is a link to the site of Lord Inquisitor..

via Erasmus creator of Lord Inquisitor
I hope you had a nice christmas and a cool beginning for this year;) You all know the project is currently on “hold” and so I had a lot of time to think about Lordi from time to time and develop new ideas and things like that:) Of course I also already thought that Lordi is doomed because of the rules of Games Workshop, but it seems that the wheel has changed:)

Shortly before Christmas I finally got an answer and it was more than positive:) To be honest I think I had the biggest smile in my face in the year 2011:D I will not post any mails in my blog as this is a private conversation between GW and me, but what I can tell you is that GW loves Lordi and everything what me and my team created. So GW really wants to see this project finished and they want me to have a kind of license that allows me to make non commercial Warhammer 40.000 movies. I mean, how cool is that?:) I never thought that GW would be so cool to this project and this is beyond my expectations – now I don’t have to hide anymore with this project, but can look in a proper future for Lordi.

However GW told me that this is a promise for now only and they can not guarantee me that this really becomes true. They have to see for themselfes if that is possible legally with their IP. But they want to get this through and Im optimisitc that this will work:) So we still need to cross our fingers, but it looks really really good for The Lord Inquisitor:)

This of course raised my motivation to a new level haha:) With the official approval by GW I can hopefully gain a much bigger team to make a much better movie in the same amount of time. As I said I need Technical Directors and animators and such. I got new plans in my mind and definetely need a good story/plot writer who works closely with me together. If I find enough people who want to support my vision and to make the first non profit and 100% passionate Warhammer 40k movie I want to make this film longer to tell a much bigger story:) If I dont have to animate all the characters, facial animation and so this could be easily done as rendering times seems to be no big problem – I rendered the whole trailer on one workstation with approx. 15min per frame. That is all possible as I almost used no global illumination and other fancy time consuming effects.

So what’s next? Of course I still got to wait for the next reply of GW, and if this will turn out as expected I will post a more detailed list of people I need, a job description so to say:) I try to put that online permanently on this site, so that everyone can see if I still need some help in specific areas. This can turn out really great and the whole community can see this film grow and prosper and also have influence of the production. So regarding the usual workflow here of me posting images and you writing comments and me again changing all the mistakes I made nothing will change:)

Yeah that’s it so far, I think this can’t be a better start for 2012 and the future of Torquemada Coteaz and his Grey Knights:)

Best regards,


  1. Time will tell if GW gives up their "Death Grip" on their IP.


    1. not if its about $$$

      they are Ok with non-profit stuff
      caus ofc its free advertising for them

  2. Anon, its not a question of "death grip" in the case of fan films in Germany, under German law GW has to protect its IP from unlicensed derivative works that profit from it, if they don't they are not protecting their trademarks and can risk forfeiting them, which would be disastrous for the company.

    They are surprisingly harsh in much less cut and dry situations however, so it is interesting to see at least tepid support from GW here.

  3. LordI looks fantastic! I really hope this project can continue. GW should hire Erasmus to do all their movies -- LordI makes 'Space Marine' look like the fan-made low budget flick...

  4. I don't get it. Other people have made fan films with no intentions of making a profit and GW Legal squashed them quicker than a nanny shakes a baby. Why does this one get GW's sacred blessings?

    1. Don't get me wrong I'm glad its happening I'm just trying to understand

  5. Ultramarines is also non-profit, so far. It was made using Canadian and Welsh tax breaks, with some investment from business angels. For the company that made it, it has been a disaster.

    What any fan films will have to do is to make EVERYONE sign a rights waiver, assigning the copyright in everything they do for the film to GW. If ANYBODY makes a texture, even for the smallest ting, and they haven't assigned the copyright to GW, then GW can get sued for a ton of money.

  6. Not to be a debbie downer, but the clips with the heavy bolters, specifically the recoil, looks really stiff and poorly animated. That needs to be fixed. I realize this is just a trailer, but little details like that need to be addressed. Many of you might not have liked Ultramarines the movie, but you can tell that the details such as bolter fire sound and animation were handled profesionally. The voice acting as well was handled superbly, of course real actors were used. The voice over for this trailer on the other hand was horrific.

    Having said the above, the artwork and overall look achieved in the LordI trailer so far is spot on.

  7. continued from prev comment,

    An animated film is more than just the artwork, its also how that artwork is animated and frankly, some of the animation looks a bit stiff in the trailer. Again the heavy bolter fire/recoil and the Grey Knight at the end cutting through the demon; both look very stiff and a little awkward.


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