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Eldar Flyer Spotted

The rumor mill is flowing again with mention that an Eldar Flyer has been spotted. While we do not get it mentioned by name, I fully expect this will be a new flyer and not something we have seen already through Forgeworld. This is simply by precedence with the stormtalon and the direction Dark Eldar flyers are. So I would expect it to be a new flyer, or one that does not yet have a model.

Now in the upcoming wave expected to be released June 2nd, we get Ork, Space Marine, and Necrons flyers. That leaves a lot of codices available for a second wave. Tyranids, Chaos Marines, Dark Eldar, and Eldar would probably fill out the 2nd wave. (Tau would more than likely be first of 2013 alongside their new shiney codex).

Please remember that these are rumors

via Darnok
Multiple birdies have mentioned sightings of an Eldar flyer though. "In the warehouse", make of that what you will.

via Eldargal
There is supposed to be a second flyer wave later in the year, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that we will see an Eldar flyer then with WD rules like the incoming batch are presumed to have.

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  1. Can't complain, Necrons are getting their flyers.

    If flyers are the next big thing though, it would be good if all armies get one. Even if it is a pre-codex release with WD rules.

  2. The last rumor mentioned that Eldar were to wait for their codex while Tau got a flyer in the second wave. Now it's been swapped. I really wish these rumors would stop conflicting each other.

    1. But then we'd call them 'facts' and it wouldn't be anywhere near as fun!

    2. Ya that is whole point of the rumor mill. In fact we don't even know for sure that it is a mill. Some say that they think it may be a workshop and some a manufacturer.
      Call it what you will, it is really a matter of judgement and reliability of a source that makes or breaks a rumor.

      Also considering the fact that we have been hearing of a Tau 'dex since the beginning of this year think it would be safer to say tau are up. Though i do recall earlier on this same site reading something along the lines of they plan on sitting on the tau for a while. It is anyone's guess right now.

  3. From what I heard the second wave of flyers is supposed to include Tau, Eldar and Imperial Guard in the form of the plastic hydra, but I have my doubts as of yet.

  4. since there has been no mention at all for sisters of battle flyers, i think i'd just assume they are going the way of the squats....

    Oh well, i did need a reason to start an ork army....

    1. I'm curious if they are going to match anything up between the Black Templars and the SoB. If you think about it they have primarily the same views on the Emperor, heretics, xenos, etc.

      They could really share all the same vehicles.

      This would in many ways be a hack job on SoB, but also not much different than the prevoius Witchhunters where they had stormtroopers, inquisitors, assassins, acolytes, etc. as potentially large portions of their army.

    2. Wow I hope so :P
      Im not at SoB or BT player but that would be great for the hobby. it is though yet another marine-codex out there, but it has its own twist, even more so than for example blood angels I would say.

    3. why would sisters of battle get their own flyer? Are they not a space marine chapter? Use the space marine one with WD rules. Space wolves aren't going to get their own flyer. I wouldn't think that would be evidence of them disappearing. The mill has quite a few sisters of battle plastic sighting rumors.

    4. They are not a SM chapter at all. They are their own force. I guess I woudl have nop problem getting a SM flyer, but it doesn't really match any existing fluff. besides I'd actually want something new for them. After 8+ years or recieving nothing really new in the model department it would be nice. Most of the infantry models are going on 15 years of age.