One thing that effects every single game of 40k in 5th edition is random game lengths. After all, getting to that last objective in the last second without losing life and limb is what wins or loses the game.  Today's rumor discusses just that, are random game lengths a thing of the past?

Please remember that these are rumors, and some salt is required.

From the Beasts of War, we have it that the random game length is a thing of the past. At least for the most part, meaning that in most missions there will be a set number of rounds. There may still be a mission or two still sticking around that still incorporates a random game length, but for the most part they are a thing of the past.

Another thing discussed is a mission generator. Now Beasts of War thinks that old leaked 6th edition rule set was indeed an early playtest from GW. In the back of it was a large mission generator, which was a very cool way of generating missions, and there is a lot of hope that we do indeed end up with something like this.

Do you like random game lengths? and what would you like to see in a 6th edition mission generator?

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