This week we have another artist to showcase from Russia. Currently next weeks artist showcase is wide open, so if you would like your hard work displayed, now is your chance. If you would like to participate, send in 3-10 pictures and a brief description of either what you did with these, or with other comments or tips (up to a couple paragraphs) to Please do not forget to include how you want your name to be presented, and any links to your blogs or websites.

This hobby is about many things, but one of the few things it is not often called is art. By any terms of work, or artistic creativity, there are many Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy models found throughout the world that are pure artwork at its finest. From painting, sculpting, and to customization, this hobby produces some of the best, and this is their showcase.

Todays showcase if from PuPs_RK in Russia.
I collect a space marine themed army of ultramarines 1st and 4th companies and began collecting a small force of grey knights

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