New from Forgeworld is the Zone Mortalis Battlefield Complex and Blast Doors Set. Zone Mortalis is something I have not had a chance to play yet, or even get a good look at, but the terrain sets look very nice. These are all available now for orders following the link below.

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Zone Mortalis Battlefield Complex and Blast Doors Set
The cities and star ships of the Imperium are often ancient and crumbing edifices, constructed in ages past from prefabricated STC designs that originate from before the Dark Age of Technology. In a galaxy beset by war any building or corridor may be pressed into service as a strongpoint. Abrupt corners and shadowed alcoves typify the interior workspaces, while narrow corridors and larger internal rooms can be sealed off by great plasteel blast doors.

Such areas, be they the contested decks of a void warship, tangled mine works, lightless underhives or sacred catacombs, all have a confluence of factors in common. They are closely confined, provide limited opportunity for ambushes or escape routes, as well as oft-times being treacherous, warp-tainted or toxic beyond the limits of the mortal condition. These battlefields are referred to in the Codex Tactica Imperialis as ‘Zone Mortalis’ – the fatal ground.

Forge World’s Zone Mortalis experimental rules expansion and scenery allow you to play out these desperate close-quarters battles in your games of Warhammer 40,000, and we have now combined the individual tiles into a Zone Mortalis Battlefield Complex which contains 16 individual tiles for a total playing area of 4' x 4' (122cm x 122cm). Four each of the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma tiles are supplied in this set, creating an immense interchangeable battlefield.

We have also put together a Zone Mortalis Blast Door set which contain a total of 6 of our detailed, multi-part resin doors: 4 small Blast Doors and 2 Large Blast Doors. Both of these fantastic sets, designed by Blake Spence, are available to order now for immediate despatch, and don’t forget that we’ve recorded a video to show you just how awesome the Zone Mortalis scenery really is.

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