Lets see.... Fantasy gets cards for Magic, so why not have something for 40k psychic powers. After all, if we get a new multitude of new minor psychic powers, we just might be needing those reminders. As it is, taking a Grey Knight Librarian means forgetting half of the opportunities I have to use the powers he gets. I dare say though, that cards won't help me much.

Just remember that these are rumors until something official is announced.

via Darnok
It seems there are some 40K releases scheduled for June, including the new rulebook, templates, dice and either markers or cards for psychic powers. Cheers to the birdy!

June is for flyers, and the last week of June will see the pre-orders for 40K 6th.


  1. It's the Dark Millennium expansion all over again. I really hope they aren't going to over complicate things again. 5th edition has its flaws but the best thing about it is that games are straightforward. Let's not take a step backwards.

  2. Can't say I have fawned memories of the dark millenium expansion caus I never had a chance to use those psychic powers: the game was already complicated enouh for the kid I was to try and use all those cards.
    Really can't see how it could make the game more straightforward then 5th Ed already is...which probably meens its not going to be. But the rumors in of the last months have really got me worried even more then this one...I can only hope these rumors are fake.

  3. I love the WFBish rumors we are hearing, I think the ruleset is fun and straight forward. I'm also looking forward to Limited Edition items.

  4. Really hoping they don't throw cards in to the mix. Limited funds means limited buying.. I rather them keep the game striaght forward then mixing other thing into the game, and seeing the world backwards and being adhd... is not going to help me play with so much other things to do.. a little dissapointed. Hope the rumors qre faulse.

  5. Accursed Dark Millennium, once more. If we're already going that route, why not reintroduce rapidfire dice? I mean, all the crap that was tossed overboard during the change from 2nd to 3rd seems to get reintroduced, so why not put those back in, too?
    Wargear equip cards and vehicle datafaxes for everyone! We don't have enough cardboard cluttering the table! Six different blast templates, a bunch of salvo templates and three different flamer templates! Go for it, GW! There'S money to be made!
    Hyperbole aside, I really am concerned over the direction the game is taking.

    1. Agreed, +1 and all that. If these rumours turn out to be true, in a 500 point game, there will be more paper and cardboard on the table than models!
      BTW, you forgot the critical hit dice, and the penetrating and glancing hit dice, as well as chapter approved and White dwarf updates.

    2. In WFB, these cards are just quick references for your spells. The are not needed to play the game at all.

  6. I really feel most of you are over reacting... If you don't have the money for the cards, then don't buy them. In fantasy the magic cards are not required, they are just a neat little visual.

    I understand you guys think that the older versions were over complicated, that's fair, but hold your complaints until they are needed. There are lots of ways to view these changes as good interesting mechanics. Like hull points for example, this is removing the chance that a vehicle can be stunned 5 turns in a row and not destroyed for points, or making it so you can react to heavy armor with more freedom. Or snapfire, I think it sounds fun, gives CC armies more things to watch out for. Might prevent 1 blood angel sergeant from CCing his way through 3 squads of fire warriors. Or killing the closest enemy unit with shooting, means you can actually deep strike snipe targets.

    Long story short most of the changes I have heard so far seem like they will be fun additions to the game. There is a difference between adding a bit more thought to the game, and breaking it. I think GW is trying to put more strategy on the board, becuase right now i feel a majority of it is in list making right now. Min/Maxing to get the most bang for your buck, and mindlessly throwing dice.

    Give it a chance :)

  7. 'Why not have something for 40k psychic powers?' Because GW will make limited runs of the cards like they do for fantasy. : p That, & it sounds like more clutter on the table.

  8. Wait a minute, new templates? I really hope that's just a new aesthetic, because I don't want to buy any more plastic disks at £2 each!

    1. They re-make the templates every edition. It's usually just a different colour. The current ones (green) are nice because of their thickness. They aren't as floppy at the ones from 4th (white.) I still prefer the ones from 3rd (grey) because they were just as clear as the green ones, and just as ridged, but thinner. I still have some of them somewhere...

  9. £2 for templates?

    Here in Australia it's $14.
    A fricking tank (Leman Russ or Predator for example) is $83 or so dollars.
    Seriously debating whether to even continue with the hobby since:
    1) there's no loyalty rewards,
    2) GW are only interested in increasing profits,
    3) The pricing structure is insane, it used to be $50 for 20 Guardsmen, which was fair enough, now it's either $41 or $48 for ten.
    Also, at the store I go to, there's a dude with down syndrome and everytime he's in, they coax him into buying a new Ork Titan. I'm pretty sure there's something to be looked at legal wise there..


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