This last week we saw quite a bit of supposed leaks of not only the new upcoming addition, but for the soon to be Chaos Codex as well. We also saw the latest sketches from Beasts of War (we shall call them tracings to be accurate). So there are lots of things that are just on the horizon that will shake up the 40k universe, and it needs one.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Flyers (Storm Talon)
I love this idea. Back in 3rd edition when the vehicle design rules were out, I spent months and months working on new models for these rules. They were fun and exciting..... and what was it I was making?.... Flyers. It was just too much fun.

First off, I love the space marine one. Not for its looks (I am holding out on that one), but for its rules and guns. A 60" S7 AP4  missile launcher falls right into the goodness that I love. Recall that I am a fan of the Autocannon all of its variants. Put out a new army that has a new cool autocannon esq gun, and I am there. Its just something about blowing the crap out of light armour that I love doing. Add in an upgraded twin-linked lascannon and I am there.

Now the rules for the new models are just so so at the moment. I see some use of them in current 5th edition terms, but with new flyer rules said to be coming to us on July 7th, these new models will be all the rage. Not to mention that I expect sometime this fall to get a release of Voidravens, Harpy, and some other cool flyers.

I am on edge, waiting for these new rules to leak..... As my lists are very very... did I mention very, likely to include them.

As for the Orks.... well, I have not really ever been interested in playing them, but the new flyers sound like they will be cool. Leave it to the Orks to get a flyer up in the air that has close ranged guns so that it can act like a skimmer or a tank. Perhaps its all about the way it crashes to the Ork mind.

6th Edition Leaks (5th edition problems)
I am going to at this time call them leaks. This is not from some inside secret information I have. Tastytaste has referred to them this way, and they seem to go such a stark direction that I really feel these are the real rule sets coming. As we are seeing them, they appear to far fetched, but that is just what we need.

5th edition's biggest problem I think.... is that its mission system is incredibly boring. I mean feels like it was put together with little or no imagination in mind. Its quite simple to build armies around these missions, because there are only 3 deployment types to concern yourself with, 3 mission types, and well, you get the idea. So you play a dozen or so games.... OK, your like me, and get well over a couple hundred games in. This leaves us with very boring missions.... "Hey look I rolled Capture and Control, shall we call it a draw?" Its actually my favorite mission type nowadays, because its the hardest to win consistently.

Back to the leaks. I am starting to get a wider scope of these rules, or the possibility of these rules and liking them. Its way too far out to make such a declaration, but we are so quick (like I was last week), to jump on the bandwagon of OMG... that kills the game.

When we start looking at these rumor sets its hard not to take these little bits in isolation and declare our judgement on them. I don't fault you for doing so, after all we are only basing that judgement on what we know based off of the current or past editions. So we are looking at these rules with a 5th edition mindset and core rules. Obviously if all these leaks are true, we do not have a upgraded 5.5 edition here. Its going to be a completely new addition.

Grey Knights vs Blood Angels
I have a new battle report of my Grey Knights coming in the next day or so against Blood Angels. It was an ugly game, and those Blood Angels gave me a good run for my money. I am working on the video, so I will be posting that up in the next few days. This Blood Angels list that came up against me would appear to built on purpose to beat down my list, even though I know it wasnt. It was a strong list, and when it hit, it hit hard.

My videos are hopefully getting better. I am feeling more comfortable with them, and in filming them. So we will see what the Blood Angels are going to do to me in this next one.

I have a bunch of terrain pieces that were brought over to me yesterday a couple night ago, so I will be buiding again today. Lots of cool stuff, and I can't wait to see what I can come up with. Buildings and Ruins are the goal with these new bits.

I know I need to spend some time to really add to my terrain building tutorials. So while that is on the list, I have not had a good idea on how to consolidate and organize the new additions to it yet. Perhaps its time to do a video on it.

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