Last week I was not able to do a Presence of Faeit article, after all it was Mother's Day. This week and some from last week, was quite the thrill ride. We have had tons of information about 6th edition come our way.... maybe not tons....

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Faeit 212 Artist Showcase (New Weekly Feature)
In our community we have some amazing artists. I am not talking about the artwork similar to what we see on the pics of the week. Instead I'm talking miniatures. From fantastic conversions, to amazing paint, we are lucky in this hobby to have such artists.

The Faeit 212 Artist Showcase will be a weekly post, probably on Wednesdays, and will feature one artist in our community. In order for this to happen, I need those of you that enjoy showing your work to take a little initiative, and simply send in 3-5 pics (up to 10 if want) with a brief introduction and or some tips.

Please include the name you want used (real or online name), a link to any website or blog you want linked to your showcase, and send it to This is a great way to increase traffic to your site, and if you paint miniatures for a living, or just as some side money, this just might help you get some future work.

Out of those people that send in I will pick one (not necessarily my favorite to showcase every Wednesday. In fact, if there are quite a few entries, I will may even do a couple that day. The point is, is that if you send them in, I will get them posted. Please be patient if you do not see yours immediately. I want each artists to get his time in spotlight.

Surprises on Faeit 212
There are a few other things in the works behind the scenes here at Faeit 212. Some of this you have already seen, with Mr. Pink's tutorial on sculpting. There is also another writer coming this way, and I will let them introduce themselves with their first post when it is ready.

In life you are never standing still. You are either going forward or backwards, and if you stand still too long, your going to fall.

6th Edition Rules
I am getting excited for the new ruleset. I know it will include a ton of new rules for us to digest, figure out the ramifications for, and just get used to them. Change is always hard.

Nothing in the new rules so far has really been earthshaking. I say this knowing more than I can say, and the complete picture of how things are going to turn out will be different and hard for some to take. There is a lot of new things people will like..... (I know of one minor nerf for Grey Knights), and it looks like assault ranges are going to be longer.

I expect 6th edition to be a much faster paced game. Meaning that you can get where you need to go faster, and bring weapons to bear to tear into the enemy round after round.

Will shooting dominate 6th edition? I don't know to be honest. I think close combat will be more visceral and from what we have seen already, shooting will be strong. I don't think anything on the table will last as long as it once did. Vehicles will go down a little easier, assaults will be able to pulled off quicker, and shooting will be devastating.

Razorbacks and Rhinos Oh My
I was recently able to get 6 razorback/ rhinos at a very good price. The downside was, that they did not come with all their parts. I spent yesterday taking old 3rd edition tracks and working them onto 5th edition vehicles. Luckily I had some extra top hatches for razorbacks, side doors, front hatches and even some rear doors.

It was amazing that I had the exact number of each item I needed, and not one extra to complete all 6 of the vehicles. It took a little longer to put them together and dig through my massive number of bits but the extra time for a good price is always a good thing.

The only thing now that I need is to build a few custom turrets for razorbacks. I have the guns, just need to do some custom work and complete the turrets for the guns to hang off of.

Getting in Games in late 5th Edition
I know part of this is just how tight my schedule can be, but it sure seems like getting in games has gotten tougher. Perhaps because 5th edition is on the way out and people feel a little anxious for 6th, or perhaps because the last few games I have been able to schedule had to cancel for various reasons.

More than likely though its just some bad timing, after all life does happen. I'm just not used to it happening twice in the same week.

Faeit 212 Community News

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