This week we are going with something more along the lines of Chaos. So today welcome the Death Guard. This one was a lot of fun to put together, even though Death Guard are not my favorite on the tabletop, they have a nasty reputation, which will only grow as we get closer to a new codex.

Pics of the Week happen every Tuesday where I share from my Warhammer pic library. I collect these all the time from all over, and sharing them is just fun.

Death Guard
The Death Guard, formerly known as the Dusk Raiders, were Legion XIV of the original twenty Space Marine Legions. Their Primarch is Mortarion, who relocated their base to his homeworld of Barbarus after his discovery by the Emperor. During the Horus Heresy, Mortarion and the majority of the Legion swore allegiance to Horus, becoming one of the nine Traitor Legions who betrayed the Emperor. After Barbarus was destroyed during the Heresy, they relocated to the Plague Planet inside the Eye of Terror.

Because of Barbarus's toxic environment, the Death Guard took great pride in their resistance to poisons, disease, and mortality in general. This fascination led them to worship the Chaos god Nurgle and in return he infests their armour with pestilence and disease, and elevated Mortarion to a Daemon Prince.

After Horus' defeat, Mortarion led his Death Guard in a campaign of destruction over a score of planets, until finally retreating into the Eye of Terror. Here he received Nurgle's ultimate reward and became a full-fledged Daemon Prince, ruling over one of Nurgle's greatest Plague Worlds in the Eye of Terror. Mortarion sends out fleets of Plague Ships into the Warp to carry their contagions throughout the galaxy.


  1. How ironic...

    It happens to be my birthday today and my nickname on the forum I belong to is 'The Incredible Husk'. Often I find a picture of the Crypt Keeper or a Mummy to post for fun and today...

    Death Guard!

    I'll be in some corner... getting older...


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  2. I love the general visual aesthetic (not the perfect term here) of the deathguard, with an interesting background to boot. Solid on the tabletop, too.
    As an aside, @Captain Kellen: Don't worry, getting older just you are getting ever closer to Papa Nurgle. Isn't that a nice thought? All kidding aside, happy birthday to you.

  3. Great set of images, I'm saving some of these for inspiration and sculpting references, :)

  4. I've been working on a Death Guard army since Forge World released the upgrades. I'm moving at a slow and purposeful rate, especially as the new 'dex is around the corner!

    Then, on to Iron Warriors and a Night Lords Raptor Cult! So many armies, so little time...

  5. Most of these images has nothing to do with Death Guard. Because they died on the cramped confines of their ships, to be replaced by Plague Marines on the folly of their primarch, forbidding everything they were. :( Long live the memory of the finest of the Astartes! DG!

    1. The Death Guard were called the Dusk Raiders before the heresy.

  6. Vile, hideous, disgusting and nauseatingly horrible.

    Enough about me, cool pics!


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