The Cult Mechanicus is coming, and the releases start May 9th. First up has already been released to us, even though there are people claiming the Electro Priests are hinted at coming as well. So lets see what Games Workshop has given us for a teaser trailer, and a look at what is coming this week.

here is the teaser video... and I have below it some stills taken from faint images on it.

As for this week's releases.... these have already been revealed on Faeit 212. So here they are again as a reminder,

Next weeks releases and hint-
Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robots: $69
3 miniatures

War of the Fang hardback novel: $30
The Curse of the Phoenix Crown paperback novel: $14

and the following week's hints are
*The Forge Worlds
*Theatre of War: A New Scenario
*The Scions of Nurgle

and of course here are the leaks that were from the week, that can be found here.
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