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Horus Heresy and Assassin Stand Alone Games; Next Week's Releases

This week through in a lot of rumors, and while there were rumor bits that were rather out there somewhere, there was also a huge host of reliable rumored bits. It is time to dig through these, and list out what happened this last week, so that as new rumor bits come in, we can build on top of these.

What you are about to read are all rumors. While no rumor is 100%, the following are the most reliable rumors that occurred this week. A lot of the chatter or rumor reverb has not been included, but this is not to say that there is no chance of something not listed here happening, or vice versa with reliable rumors being either slightly off, postponed projects, or any of the other events that can change our course.

Lets start off with the rumors by Hastings. Instead of listing out the entirety of the rumor dump, here is a brief overlook at what was said. For more details just follow the links.

via Hastings on Faeit 212
-In No Particular Order-
Adeptus Mechanicus Codex & models (full release)
Genestealer Cult Codex & models (Harelquin sized release)
Deathwatch Codex & models (Harelquin sized release)
Horus Heresy Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of 30k range - Mark 4 + Cataphract armors featured.
Assassins Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of the 40k range.

Also of note:
Greater Daemons all complete
Dark Angels later in the year

Tzeentch later in the year

The "starter set" is in fact a standalone game, however I'll accept starter set as it does lead onto the main 30k game. I think it's safe to assume that 30k could/will have a different game mechanic to 40k, or it would be pretty pointless as a standalone game. Hence the reason that some boxes will contain rules for both 30 & 40k (if the rules weren't different they'd only include 1 set of rules.

It's not however a safety net for WFB, it's a replacement for lotr/hobbit on the shelves as AFAIK all of this is going direct only.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
In the last days, there were some rumors by Hastings, what i can say from my sources:

-The Box  is a Standalone / Starter Box hybrid Gaming Set (like the last two)
-The Box works alone but can be used as a base for Crusade Era Armies.
-More sets will come to give HH player a basement in Plastic
-Legio Mk4 Power Squad box
-Maybe the release of a Termi and a Dread box with neutral designs to combine it with the FW legio specific packs and dreads
-Possible a Rhino I upgrade sprue within a own set
-GW will release only a base of models!
-Sells of FW products in the GW-Shop coming near

LotR and Hobbit
via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
-GW have the licences for the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings extended for 5 years.
-GW have extended the Licence only for sell the rest of their Miniatures.
-Without a license, GW must destroy the unsold Models.
-Lord of the Ring Books will become a last reprint

It's look like may will be a interesting month. May is one of two month when nobody at GW can make holidays
-The rumored Horus Heresy Gaming Set will come at the end of the Month
-All Hobbit and LotR Products will going direct only at the same time

Codex: Skitarii
These are reference to older rumors that can be found at the following links. There is a lot of odd admech rumors as well, including those saying we will get two codices

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
No, there is no mention of the Horus Heresy on the pages I have seen. These are codex entries, and the weapon section is titled -Armoury of the Forgeworlds- and then goes on to mention arc weapons, cognis weapons, eradication beamer, all like we talked about before. 

At the very top of the page, it starts off with the text- This section of Codex: Skitarii lists weapons and equipment used by the Skitarii, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000-

There is no mention of Warhammer 30,000, the Great Crusade, or the Horus Heresy. Just 40k.

via Lords of War Gaming:
- April/May
- It’s Admech, but there will be two codices.
- Tanks will be walkers.

This Coming Week's Releases
These leaks should be coming over the starting of this next week, but these are extremely solid and reveals what is coming next week with hints of the following week.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
These are the pre-orders for February 28th- release date for March 7th

Khorne Bloodthirster  USA $116, £70, €91, Can$139, AU $155
1 miniature

Warhammer Visions 14
Khorne Red Spray USA $18, £11, €15, Can$22, AU $28

Eagle Talon/ Iron Corpses USA $20, £15, €20, Can$22.50, AU $30
Audio Drama

Next week's hints
More Blood
More Skulls
Behold the Lord of the End Times

the title of the new White Dwarf is
Blood for the Blood God!
Khorne's Wrath
The New Bloodthirster Seeks to Slaughter All

Inside the are the rules for all three new Bloodthirsters. Some rules in common.
Each can be taken in a Daemons of Chaos, Legions of Chaos or Grand Legion of the Everchosen Army.
Is a Lords Choice, and all come with heavy armour an can take Daemonic Gifts.
M8 WS BS 10 ST6 W5 I9 A6 Ld9

Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Devastating Charge, Fly, Frenzy, Large Target, Magic Resistance3, Stubborn, Terror
Has a S5 breath weapon with flaming attacks rule
Has hatred characters, and gains 3" to its charge range if charging a unit with characters.

Wrathaxe and Bloodflail: +2 strength the first round of combat, and gain an extra attack

Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury
Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Fly, Large Target, Magic Resistance2, Terror
Axe and Whip

Bloodthirster of Insenate Rage
Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Fly, Frenzy, Heroic Killing Blow, Large Target, Magic Resistance 2, Terror.
Great Weapon

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  1. More utter guess work from SteveTheWarboss

  2. "The "starter set" is in fact a standalone game, however I'll accept starter set as it does lead onto the main 30k game. I think it's safe to assume that 30k could/will have a different game mechanic to 40k, or it would be pretty pointless as a standalone game. Hence the reason that some boxes will contain rules for both 30 & 40k (if the rules weren't different they'd only include 1 set of rules."

    Just to clear some myths up about 30k because the wild speculation is killing me:

    1. Both 30k and 40k use the same base rules, Warhammer 40,000 The Rules.
    2. The differences between the factions are different like it's different between codices. Still no 'core' rules difference. Just rules for wargear, units etc.
    3. 'Battles in the Age of Darkness' is where the rules actually diverge. This is probably what the quote is talking about. So things like only troops and specific other units score, no LoWs below 2k(and can only be a max of 25% of the army's points), no multiple detachments beyond allies etc.

    These rules are entirely optional, awesome but optional, and you could just as easily play a Legion Crusade army using things like CADs and the like to play 40k armies(FAQ confirms). It's just that 40k armies have the advantage until around 2k points. Just like you could easily use use Codex: Skitarii(or any other codex for that matter) to build an army using the Age of Darkness Rules. Everything in this game is optional. These are just other options.

    Battles in the Age of Darkness is just a supplement/expansion(literally says this) rather than a different core ruleset. Otherwise we would have another BRB called Warhammer 30,000 The Rules. Think of it like planet strike/cities of death dialed up to 11. Instead of only special rules for the immediate mission it's rules for time period. Which, again, are optional. Also really fun.

    So with that said my theory is that if this is a Battles in the Age of Darkness historical stand alone game then it's going to include a more expanded structure how to bring 40k codices more in line for battles before 40k. It will allow players to play as things like Eldar and such way back when beyond just using the AoD FOC and backdrop rules. This then allows Crusade Legions to fight xenos in more detail, since they did fight xenos its just FWs line is specifically the Horus Heresy which is the inter legionary war. It will also help with the 'exploring the 10,000 years after the heresy and before the 41st millennium' thing they want to do.

    OR It's Unification Era/Crusades Era before the Heresy. Maybe even after the sundering of the legions, so the Crusade Army list can be used against 40k but still have some of their zany gear. But thats the least likely situation I imagine.

    1. hastings on warseer talked about 2 rulebooks included in the 30k boxed set...
      a 30k rulebook and a 40k rulebook...
      i guess there will be different rules for 30k then...

    2. What Nusquam just detailed is a "30K rule book" and it makes perfect sense. It comes with the 40K rule book for anyone who's buying the starter box new to the game/setting, and the 30K book to make the necessary adjustments to play 30K. An expansion/supplement is still a rule book. And it makes more sense than putting two books with almost identical information in the box set.

      Hastings and Harry are both spot on most of the time, but they also don't "spell it out" for everyone all of the time.

    3. Rulebook is a misnomer; everything that isn't Warhammer 40,000 The Rules is a supplement(look on the back of every other publication it says "A supplement for Warhammer 40,000), just like 'core' rules is misleading.

      So the two 'books' in the box are either:

      1. Warhammer 40,000 The Rules and Age of Darkness Expansion
      2. Warhammer 40,000 The Rules and a NEW Expanded Age of Darkness book beyond the scope it currently is.

      What I'm trying to prevent is the spread of myths about CURRENT 30k which does not have different 'core' rules but has different /supplemental/ rules.

  3. So did that 40k Khorne supplement rumor just fall off the planet again? Gat dang, man. That thing is just never gonna happen.

    1. 3 weeks of march for ET:Archaon... 4th week of march Book of Khorne for WH40K...
      Arpil to the first weeks of may for codex (maybe two) ad-mech
      second half of may for the 30k/HH boxed set
      june for the new edition of WHFB

    2. CSM/Daemons must still be selling pretty well to not even be on the radar for a codex update. iirc they both came out before the DA book. Placing a DA update in front of them breaks the recent pattern of updating armies. I can only assume this is a sales related decision. Stop buying 40k Chaos stuff guys, lets do our part to get them on deck for an update.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Dark Angels were the 2nd 6 ed book. They came immediately after CSM and before CD. So not a huge jump at just one book. Especially when we have 0 supplements and only 2 very sub par formations (which only came from the 2014 Advent calendar).

  4. Whats weird, is shouldn't the bloodthirsters be released with 40k rules as well?

    1. I was just wondering why there were only Fantasy rules - unless that's all the source had access to...or (scarily from my point of view) they're actually starting to diverge the Daemon lines (given all the flash new Endtimes models we can't use in 40K)

    2. The Bloodthirster's 40k statline doesn't need to be changed and the gift system means they dont have wargear int he traditional sense, they don't need a rules update, really.

    3. The Fantasy Bloodthirsters are named characters though.
      The 40k Blood Thirster has rules, use the new pretty model to represent it.

  5. What are you whining about? There hasn't bee a single demon end time release yet. It wouldn't be a fantasy thread if someone wasn't whining about 40k would it?

    1. just as Tzeentch had planned.

    2. Maybe the seance grammar is throwing me off... Wasn't Glottkin singularly Nurgle?

    3. Glottkin was primarely Warriors of Chaos, but I think it can be used in other Chaos armies like Daemons and Beastmen.

    4. Glottkin can be used in a Warriors of Chaos army or Legion of Chaos army. Demons have received a total of one model (Bloodthirster) for end times and this guy is whining. I mean, get a grip, man.

    5. Glottkin can be used in a Warriors of Chaos army or Legion of Chaos army. Demons have received a total of one model (Bloodthirster) for end times and this guy is whining. I mean, get a grip, man.

  6. Despite all these wonderful rumor releases it would seem the next 40k campaign has been forgotten.. it will be a summer kick off just like stormclaw/red waaggh was.. it wouldn't surprise me if one of these so-called "standalone" games was mis interpreted.. the assassins game is the biggest wonder.. just how is a whole game supposed to be based around a notoriously "lone" unit? Much more provide enough models to warrant an entire game? One thing you can be sure of, if another game box is released that isn't part of a campaign, expect the models to be snapfit like DV or spacehulk, not comprised of entirely new MPPK. again i haven't seen pics of anything along those lines and the photo proofs don't usually get sent to the publisher until a few weeks before print in the earliest periodical cases and not much more than a few months in the case of book prints, the only thing i can confirm for 40k is a new imperial supplement. codex but i haven't been told one way or the other if it will be called skitarri, if anything id lean more towards codex:adeptus mechanicum as the skitarri are the foot soldiers/infantry and AdMech is the actual faction.. my 2 cents

    1. I would see assassins working like necromunda did with a spyrer army, small number of mini's hunting and stalking prey... or a straight up 2 player assassin v assassin for target.
      set it in a hive city then have many assasination missions, take out planetry govener, kill genestealer cult, kill chaos demon, compete against annother assassin to get the kill

      loads of ways to make a fun assassin based game

    2. God emperor bless Necromunda models!

      94 models in my collection and counting! And just snapped up an old Mad Donna Ulanti for a cheap price of eBay as well as a couple of other rare ones.

    3. I'm not saying there won't be an "Assasinorium" game, and having access to plastic assassin models would be terrific but to do a "stand alone" box like space hulk is a bit of a stretch, i haven't seen any photo proofs of anything assassin related yet, as we get closer to a release date more solid information will be available :) crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Anything new for 40k will be a boon to the game and this past year has seen more progress and releases than any year in the last 2 decades.. I'm very excited for 2015, and if its anything like 2014 it will be a great year for our hobby

  7. All HH fans should check out Aaron Dempski-Bowden's blog - for a few years, he, Alan Bligh, john French, Neil Roberts, and few other HH bigwigs have done an awesome painting/modelling competition.

    So so so good. Seeing what the people who conceive of the HH as we know, including its cover artist and two lead writers, think of the Dark Angels, Alpha Legion, Ultramarines, Blood Angels and Iron Warriors in that time.

    Natfka, why isn't ADB's blog in your blogroll? it seems like more of the community should know about it :D