We have heard from Lords of War Gaming that the Admech release will be coming April/May, and from Harry that it will be a full release, meaning with lots of new models and units. There is a new bit out detailing the releases that may be coming out.

Lords of War is also citing two codex releases. We will have to wait to hear more on that.

Please remember that these are rumors. While I do not know how solid these are, these do not mention the few units that we are very certain will be coming in these releases (Onager Dunewalker and Dragoon Walker). Lords of War is generally right on track.

Rumors Compiled by Larry Vela
via Lords of War Gaming:
- April/May
– It’s Admech, but there will be two codices.

- Tanks will be walkers.

via the Birds in the Trees on Bols
The Paper Products
– Codex:Adeptus Mechachanicus Skitarii
– Heraldry/Hobby book
– Ad Mech Datacards (contains no psychic power cards)

The Miniatures 
– Ad Mech Skitarii box
– Ad Mech Myrmidon box
– Energy weapon platform/ transport box (combo-kit)
– Legio Cybernetica Colossus/Conqueror box (combo kit)
– Magos Clampack
– Secutor Clampack
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