There are a couple kickstarters that are worth checking out. One by ACP Games and the other by Shieldwolf Miniatures. Both have already been funded, with a good amount of time left on them. Definitely worth checking out as the stretch goals become a reality.

ACP Games
Thanks for looking at our project. We need your help, help to produce this
massive 15mm scale model.

Measuring over seven inches long and six wide, a pound of resin ,
this beast would look good on any tabletop battlefield.

This is where you come in. With your help we can made this happen.
We have the model finished, we have the starting molds , all we need is
YOU! Designed for 15mm it seems to work well for 28mm also!

Shieldwolf Miniatures
We need to make enough miniatures to support our game and are so dedicated to our goal that we would only need time to bring this to life. Unfortunately that would mean decades since plastic sprue tooling costs a lot (several tenths of thousands of pounds per kit) and our funding capability currently allows us to keep on producing resin miniatures and only after a few years to release a new plastic regiment. 

Shieldwolf:War is Coming (TM) however is an army game and oppositely to skirmish games it is a much more demanding and ambitious project. We are going to need a lot of miniatures! In order to avoid casting every regiment in resin or changing our plastic production methods into more economical -but of worse quality- manufacturing procedures, we need additional funding to speed things up from the very people this has been designed for — that would be you!

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