I first saw these destroyed building markers on a Frontline Gaming Battle Report I was watching, and had to ask where they got them. These things are awesome for games, and provide markers that are one inch high, and match up with the building sizes that Hawk Wargames has in their scenery and 2 player starter set. I have had these for awhile, and figured it was time to share.

The top picture is from my own sets, that I use all the time with DzC games. They were easy to get ready, and quick to paint (although I really could sit down and spend a little more time on the paint). 

I have to say as far as accessories go, not made by Hawk Wargames, these are the next essential items for your games. I can't tell you how many times in the past I have used dice to mark fallen buildings.... and then later picked up those dice while playing. I find dice as markers really annoying.

These things are cool, and if you are a Dropzone Commander player, I suggest taking a look at them. Definitely at the very least get your store to pick some up. They are highly durable, lightweight, and easy to take with your wherever your games are at.

Green Stuff Industries

and some pics from the Green Stuff Industries website

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