We have word on what will be coming this week, although no pricing as of yet. However its a nice set of pre-orders with the Harlequin codex, Starweaver transport, dice, and datacards. The codex will be the big news this week, as we look forward hoping to get a glimpse of what will be in it.

Please remember that these are rumors at this point, but from an excellent source.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Can finally confirm that the Codex: Harlequins is next. There's the
Codex, Datacards, a painting guide for Harlequins and the Harlequin
Starweaver as well. so should be a nice week for fans.

via a separate source on Faeit 212
Releases for this week.
Codex: Harlequins – 96 pages hardback full colour not a supplement but a full stand-alone codex
Datacards Harlequins – 7 Psychic cards and 36 tactical objectives 
Harlequin Starweaver – transport for Harlequins, looking a lot like the DE Venom 
Warriors of the Laughing God: A Harlequins Painting Guide – 168pages, softcover painting guide. 
Harlequins Dice
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