Dark Age has new card updates up on their site that are not official until next month, but hey, what gaming company gives you this kind of news ahead of time. This is cool to check out, even if you dont play Outcasts, and well.... Bounty Hunters can be used by quite a few people.

via Dark Age Games
Because it was Valentine’s Day this weekend, and we here at Dark Age love you, we’ve gone ahead and uploaded all the new cards from Dark Age: Outcasts, as well as the new Outcast Faction Document.

Follow the link to get the details of each set of card updates for your models.

Officially, these changes won’t happen until the book is released next month, but feel free to start using them now and have fun!
Outcast 2015 Faction Document
Generic Outcast Cards
Slavers of Chain’s Barrow Cards
Salt Flat Nomads Cards
Bounty Hunter Cards
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