There was a FAQ update on the Games Workshop website yesterday for the main 40k rulebook and a few other codices. Dark Eldar, Orks, and Space Wolves had updates.

What is interesting is that although the Games Workshop's newly placed updates were put up on the webstore, the Black Library FAQ's and Erratas were not. Obviously the Games Workshop updates take priority as they are newer, but without both being updated there is the obvious confusion when two players show up with the most current FAQs from official sites. Updating one without the other can lead to problems down the line.

Here is a link to see the latest updates

The biggest updates on them are cyberwolves becoming T5, immobilized skimmers cannot jink, and fnp does not keep your shadowfield active. Really the fnp and not being able to jink were common sense, but apparently needed clarifying.

There were a couple other updates, and its always good to see them. So head over and check them out.

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