The image below was sent in to me this morning, and while I can't verify it, I thought it was at least interesting enough share. The images shows the GW Webstore where there are some different font's used where it says the Horus Heresy, but there is also two Scenery tabs.

So whether its real or not is up to you. GW has in the past accidentally posted up brief workings on the site. Like I said, I can't verify this, and I will leave it here with people that have more expertise than I do on these matters. My first impressions was that it did not look right.

via a reader, from the Faeit 212 inbox

This Morning I was on GWs online shop and something was different. So I have make this screenshort.

The taskbar shows scenery twice and when i go with the cursor on the first, the textbox shows "horus heresy"
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