For those of you who missed the Privateer Keynote yesterday, they had a very big announcement. The next wave of colossals commeth!

Here's a rundown of what we know.

  • New Colossals are on the same chassis as old ones. Possibility of upgrade kits?
  • Hordes will see new gargantuans revealed at Smog Con.

Cygnar - Hurricane
  • Two pow 16 lightning generators that push models back 3"
  • Arc-Node
  • No storm pods :( 
  • Nemo3's best friend!
Khador - Victor
  • The biggest gun. Innaccurate, but 5" aoe and multiple ammo types:
    • Create rough terrain
    • Reduce Def of enemy models in the aoe.
    • Continuous Effect: Fire
Protectorate of Menoth - Revelator
  • Two vanquisher guns, for MOAR FIRE!
  • Sees through stealth.
  • Takes stealth away from enemy models!
Cryx - Sepulcher
  • Turns enemy models into thralls.
  • Can make brute thralls!
Retribution of Scyrah - Helios
  • No ranged weapon.
  • Instead, tractorbeam that lets you push enemy models 3" in ANY direction.
  • Force gate ability that lets you further manipulate the battlefield. (Mysterious!)
Convergence of Cyriss - Prime Conflux
  • Lightning guns!
  • Produces new Ionization Servitors
    • Ionization Servitors increase damage dealt by electric attacks.
Now excuse me while I change my pants and get my hopes up for the new Mountain King!

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