I have not been featuring as often the Feait 212 Community News site, mostly because it is standing on its own now, and the projects that are there are a good mix of Battle Reports, and other projects that people in our community are working on. If you have not been there for a bit, its well worth the time to head over and check it out.

Here are some of the most recent articles happening over there.

Tau Y'Vahra WIP and Blown Dust Base
This week, a look at the progress I've made on my Y'Vahra Riptide Variant from Forgeworld. …

Astra Militarum vs Space Wolves and Raven Guard Space Marines - Warhammer 40k Batrep
The thundering of wolves. The howling of the imperial guard guns!  Another Skaredcast battle report. Painted armies 1500pts action! This one goes down to the wire... shows you that giving up is never an option, regardless of the situation. Thanks a lot for watching. Hope you enjoyed the report. Skar…

40K Battle Report: Space Marines vs Tyranids
Mission - Crusade (4 Objectives) Deployment - Dawn of War Points - 1850pts    Nevitus stared at the hololithic display in the strategium aboard the Raptors battle barge Raptoris Rex which bathed the chamber in an eerie green glow. The scene represented within was an odd one. The ghostly proje…

Sister's Of Battle Dreadnought                              Renegade Baneblade                   




Night Lords                                                          Tyranids in Afghanistan


Bad Moon Orks!                                  Necro Knights, Dragons, and Skaven

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