Yesterday we laid out the Dropzone Commander release schedule. In it was revealed many new things that have not really been discussed, and a few that had been seen in early concept art at the latest shows. I had some time with Hawk Wargames, and have some great details on what is coming in the near future of the game. Fans of the game will be thrilled by the creative new units that are coming over the next few months.

There are new infantry/small vehicle units being released in three waves coming for each faction. While the three waves are all separated by months, I dont have which of these units will come out in which month. So here we go, separated by faction, what is on the horizon for Dropzone Commander.

If you missed the release schedule yesterday. here is your link.

UCM- Infantry
-2 power suit variants; one anti-tank and the other anti-air. These are like mortar teams.
-The third one takes a unique position of a Heavy Choice with Heavy Railguns. Think 2, 3 man squads
I may have some things mis-interpreted here regarding the UCM. My notes got a little jumbled here. There are three new infantry units though, and the Heavy Infantry choice with Heavy Railguns is in there.

PHR- Infantry
-A specialized ultra elite 1 man infantry base who commands drones. Apparently the models are very dynamic and there was some excitement over this one. These guys specialize in clearing buildings.
-This one is based off the immortal longreach rifle. Instead of 1 longreach rifle per base, this squad will have 5 longreach rifles per base. With shaped charges and a 24" range vs counter measures, these guys will be very cool.
-the last one is a jump/jet pack unit. These guys are not as good as sirens, but come with twin guns, and the ability to jump across streets from one building to the other.

Shaltari- Infantry/Vehicles
-Specialists heavy warsuits that are too big to go into buildings. 2x the size of normal warsuits and are considered small vehicles. There are two variants of this model, a flamer based one, and an anti-tank version.
-a new slave race that will be a cheap infantry choice for Shaltari. They are not as strong as the standard shaltari infantry, but come cheap, but must be taken in squads of 4 bases.The cool things about these guys is they have been retrofitted with teleportation devices and shoulder mounted guns.

-Flying creatures (the dragon like things we saw in the concept art), are small flying like prowlers. Meaning they are move quickly and have a CC anti-air attack. They come 8 to a blister.
-Ground Based Creature that is ravager sized. It was 2-3 per blister on this.
-CC Destroyer that sound devastating in CQB. It will be interesting to not have the guns that I so much very like, and instead rely upon their Close Quarter fighting.

Resistance- I believe there are supposed to be 3, but only two were in my notes. Either I missed this one or we skimmed over it during the conversation.
-Quad Bikes that are small vehicles for scouting.
-Small vehicle armed with grenade launchers.

This is just an initial look at what is on the horizon. There is indeed more coming than just these releases. The commanders, famous commanders, new backing stat cards, and of course new balancing releases for the armies.

If you are new to this game, I highly suggest you head on over to the Hawk Wargames site and check this game out.

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