And as suddenly as it began, the much vaunted Bradigus meta dies. Not by way of a clever strategy or tactic, but with a brutal, low-aimed swing of the nerf bat.

Mine too, polar bear, mine too.
Privateer Press released its first official Errata of 2015 today, and aside from some minor clarifications and a much needed clean up of the contents of Helga's feat, you might think not much had changed. Sure spellcasting has now been given steps to clarify that you declare your target before paying the spell's cost (thus preventing you from wasting focus/fury on an illegal target) but honestly who was playing that wrong anyway?

Then my eyes fell upon the new entry for Shifting Stones.

In one of the heaviest nerfs Privateer has ever issued, it has been declared from on high that a model can only be affected by shifting stone teleportation once per turn. This doesn't just de-fang the new Bradigus theme force that has been making waves in the Steamroller scene this year, but destroys the viability of many of Circle's strongest lists which made heavy use of double teleporting.

Goodbye chain teleport, you were a mighty weapon, loved by your wielders and feared by your opponents. Why this change was decided upon instead of simply changing the theme force that brought all this on is anyone's guess, but no matter how you slice it, this is the biggest meta impacting errata Privateer has ever issued.
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