Leaked images are out, and you can see the new rules from the Harlequin codex showing off the Shadowseer and Deathjester. These are two models most of us already have, and will easily get into the field quickly. I definitely like the new models as well, (will be getting a Shadowseer), but I also liked the older ones too.

Here is a link to their rules

via a reader on Faeit 212
Shadow Seer, WS6 BS4 S3 T3 W2 I7 A3 LD10
-hallucinogenic grande launcher
-shuriken pistol
-mist stave
-flip belt

Special rules:
- fear
- fleet
- furious charge
- hit and run
- IC
- psyker (ML1) - can choose from Phantasmancy, sanctic Demonology, Telepathy

Can upgrade to level 2 for 25pts
Can take a neurodisruptor instead of shuriken pistol for 10 pts
Haywire for 5pts
Can take an item from the Enigmas of the Black Library list

Death Jester:WS5 BS5 S3 T3 W2 I7 A3 LD10
-shrieker cannon

Special Rules:
-Furious Charge
-hit and run
-precision shots

Can take haywire for 5, can take an item from the Enigmas of the Black Library list.

An enemy unit that suffers one or more wounds from the DJ in a shooting phase must immediately take a morale check as though they had taken 25% casualties, at -2 LD. If they fail the test, the DJ chooses in which direction they flee. If they continue to flee in subsequent rounds, they fall back towards their own table edge as usual.


 Formation 1:
2 units of skyweavers
1 unit of voidweavers

Reroll failed cover saves for any unit from this formation that chooses to flat out.

Formation 2:
1 Death Jester
1 Shadow Seer
1 Solitaire

Special Rules: infiltrate, stealth, shrouded

Models from this formation may not join other units, nor may other characters join them.

Formation 3:
1 Troupe
1 unit of skyweavers
1 unit of voidweavers

Beginning with turn 2, any unit in this formation with Fleet can both run and charge in the same turn.

Formation 4:
1 Troupe
1 Death Jester
1 Shadowseer

Restriction: DJ and SS cannot leave the troupe unit, and must be deployed as a single unit.

Special Rule: Crusader (roll 2D6 for run, pick which one to use; +d3" for sweeping advance)

Any model from codex Eldar or Dark eldar (both friend or enemy) within 6" of one or more models from this formation, also have the crusader special rule.

Formation 5:
3 Troupes
2 units of skyweavers
3 starweavers
1 unit of voidweavers

Restriction: Each troupe from this formation must take one of the starweavers from this formation as a dedicated transport.

If a troupe master from this formation is your warlord, you may re-roll your warlord trait from any of the warlord tables in Codex Harlies.

A troupe from this formation may Hit and Run directly into an unoccupied Starweaver from this formation, as long as the Hit and Run roll is sufficient, in inches, that all models from the unit including any characters attached to them end their Hit and Run move within 2" of the unoccupied Starweaver.

Furthermore, a troupe from this formation may Consolidate into an unoccupied Starweaver, assuming the Consolidate roll is sufficient in inches to place each model from the unit, including characters, within 2" of an unoccupied Starweaver.

Formation 6:
3 Troupes
3 Death Jesters
3 Shadowseers
1 Solitaire
2 units of Skyweavers
1 unit of Voidweavers

Reroll all invulnerable saves of 1 for the entire formation.

If a troupe master from this formation is your warlord, he may reroll his warlord trait on any of the warlord tables in Codex Harley Davidson.

Beginning on turn 2, all units from this formation with the Fleet special rule may run and charge in the same turn.
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