It seems that the digital version of White Dwarf 55 had the "Rules" section missing for the Starweaver and Voidweaver. This is now fixed and if you have this problem, please just redownload or update it.

Thank you to the readers that sent in information regarding this problem. Names from the emails and the Black Library response have obviously been removed.

The Problem
I noticed that the digital version of WD55 from BlackLibrary was missing "The Rules" section after "Paint Spatter" that would have the rules for the Starweaver and Voidweaver.    
I e-mailed BL customer service and they replied this morning:

Here is a response from the Black Library regarding the problem
Thanks for your email. It appears that Cegorach wanted to keep a few secrets to himself. We have now prised these from his grasp and you should now be able to re-download your copy of white dwarf and gain access to the Starweaver and Voidweaver rules.

Many thanks,
Black Library
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