These are some fantastic Mechanicum models from Forgeworld that were available ahead of time at the Horus Heresy Weekender. These are the Scyllax Guardian-Automata. Even though there rules are not yet available, the models are just that cool (my opinion of course), that they sold really well at the event.

via the Forgeworld Bulletin this morning
At the Horus Heresy Weekender, we often make models available in advance of them going on sale on One of the fastest selling kits at the event, and a favourite of mine, has to be the Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-automata. The Scyllax are a brand new unit for the Mechanicum, so new that their rules aren’t yet available and will be appearing in our next Horus Heresy book. With their grasping claws and flailing mechadendrites, they look fearsome and ready to do some serious damage! 

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