Rumors are saying that there will be a summer campaign this year, with Adeptas Sororitas with Space Marines against the forces of Tzeentch. This would bring a plastic Lord of Change, a new Tzeentch Daemon Unit, Tzeentch Chaos Marine Unit. Something like this would be a great release, and anything bringing Sister's of Battle back into to the forefront of the hobby would be great news indeed.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via birds in the trees on Bell of Lost Souls
Warhammer 40,000 Summer Campaign this year:
Sororitas and Space marines are the Imperial side
Tzeentch is the focus of the antagonists with multiple new kits:
- Plastic Lord of Change
- New Tzeentch Daemon unit
- New Tzeentch CSM unit (perhaps new plastic Thousand Sons - Rubric Marines)

Look for this campaign on the far side of WFB 9th which is occurring earlier in the year.
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