This is excellent news, as the new Special Commanders are now up for pre-orders on the Hawk Wargames website. This is only the first wave, and will be available soon on February 28th. Some of my favorite Special Commanders are in this first wave. Lets take a look at the models.

Here is a list of the latest pre-orders for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames

The models come with 4 extra command cards specifically for the famous commander. The timing is actually great, as I was just in a 3,000pt game last weekend with two of these commander, Marcus Barros and Karl Foley.

Lieutenant-General Luciana M. Cato £26.50
Eden's Dinosaur £19.00
Marcus Barros, Grand Vizier £26.50
Warchief Isis, the Clairvoyant £13.50
Salakahn, Tyrant of Atlantia £14.00
Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy £15.00

Of course here are the images.

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