The hints for next week are in, as are this week's Harlequin Pre-Orders. Lets take a look at what we will be seeing in the near future.

Information provided by ShadowWolf 32387. We have seen a lot of leaked pics, and here is some solid information an early copy of White Dwarf.

It looks like we will see the Shadowseer, and Death Jester next in next week's pre-orders.

This week's pre-orders
Starweaver/Voidweaver $41
Codex Harlequins $49.50
Warriors of the Laughing God- a painting guide $33
Warriors of a Laughing God- ipad
Codex: Harlequins Troupe Master Edition- limited to 1,000 copies $205
Codex: Harlequins Digital Edition
Datacards: Harlequins- 7 psychic power cards and 36 tactical Objectives $12.50
Harlequins Dice- 10 dice- $17
the Carnac Campaign hardback novel $20
Howl of the Banshee/ The Path Forsaken audio drama $17.50

Hints for next week.
A Grin and a Big Gun
The Ultimate Basing Guide
The Eldar United

Also in the Paint Splatter section it says
Next Week: The Path of Ynnead
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