Next week's pre-orders are revealed, and the new Bloodthirster model that we saw in the Chinese image leaks are bring released. Its a single model with the option to build three different Bloodthirsters, The Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster, Bloodthirster of the Unfetted Fury, and Bloodthirster of the Insenate Rage.

Lets take a look at the schedule for next week's pre-orders. These are from an extremely solid source, but as always consider these rumors. It definitely looks like Archaon comes next week, quite possibly with more Khorne releases.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
These are the pre-orders for February 28th- release date for March 7th

Khorne Bloodthirster  USA $116, £70, €91, Can$139, AU $155
1 miniature

Warhammer Visions 14
Khorne Red Spray USA $18, £11, €15, Can$22, AU $28

Eagle Talon/ Iron Corpses USA $20, £15, €20, Can$22.50, AU $30
Audio Drama

Next week's hints
More Blood
More Skulls
Behold the Lord of the End Times
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