The pre-orders are now up for the Harlequin Skyweavers, and I have gotten a few reports of a confusing description with the new jetbikes. The description mentions that it comes with 2 clear canapies that can be glued on to enclose the cockpit or the lower section....... What is that? Possibly a description that was copy pasted from the Starweaver Dedicated Transport?

You can see the confusing description here, where you can also place your pre-orders

Harlequin Skyweavers $40 two miniatures

Here is what the description says.
To complete the Skyweaver there are a choice of 4 different mask designs which can be modelled either flat to the bonnet or raised to reveal the targeting equipment beneath. Also included are 2 clear canopies that can be glued on to completely enclose the cockpit, or used to just cover the lower section.

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