So those of you who read my post about the next wave of Warmachine colossals a few weeks ago might remember the teaser at the end of the preview video hinting at new Hordes previews to be revealed at Smog Con 2015.

Guess what day it is.

Just like last time, lets hit the highlights of the video for those of you who don't have time to watch it or don't have access to youtube for some reason.

The first thing I want to mention is that each of these has a completely unique sculpt, putting an end to the idea that the colossals we were shown before might be upgrade kits. These are going to be full on $120.00+ models.

Trollbloods: Glacier King
-Frozen Ground animus: Knocks down enemies that get too close.
-Freezing fists that "can cause stationary" no word on if that means crit yet.
-Ranged attack called "Wind Thrower" possibly on each hand?
-Snowfall ability provides concealment to nearby models.

Circle Oroboros: Storm Raptor
-Speed 7 giant bird with flight. (Yes, this means Una can take it at a reduced point cost!)
-Generates lightning
-Has two abilities that effect lighting attacks: Superconductive which improves accuracy, and Sky Fire which improves damage.

Everblight: Blightbringer
-Giant mouth with legs.
-Creates blight effects around it, including ash clouds, spell denial, and an effect that reduces def and str of enemy models.

Skorne: Desert Hydra
-Multiple Heads rule from Typhon.
-5 heads!
-5 ten inch sprays!
-Model actually fits on its base!

There's also some extra surprises at the end of the video, which I'll leave a mystery so all of you go back and watch it later. ; )

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