There are some additional rumors coming in about the plastic starter set for Warhammer 30k that we have heard so much about recently. This includes a supplement for the Age of Darkness, new allied matrix's including Xenos and more. If this comes to pass, this box set is looking very nice.

Please remember that these are rumors... and the bottom section is speculation based upon what he has heard (not rumors). Not everything a source of information says is a rumor.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
I have some new Infos from my source:

-Gaming Set Includes a Suppliment for the Age of Darkness
-Rules and a Dettachment for Playing Legio Astartes and Xenos in the Past of 40k
-A new Allied Matrix including Xenos of the 31st Millenium
-Very generic Dataslates for the Models, only the featured Characters will have specific Background, but can used for any Legion
-Unlike the previous Sets, the Squads will have no unique Leaders, only names "Sergeant"
-Box will include 6 versions of new Sprues

-When the Box will be very generic, the Decal sheet can have possible Symbols and Markings for 5 or 6 Legions
-A Matrix with Xenos means focusing on the great crusade
-6 new Sprues, I think 1x MK2 Marines, 1x Mk4 Marines, 1x Terminators, 1x Contemptor 2x Characters

If this true, the box will be awesome
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