Once the dam breaks, there is often a lot of chatter, and questions running around the internet. There is often a lot of rumor reverb, and often some crazy speculations. Also though, sources tend to feel more secure about releasing information, and this is just the case this morning as Steve the Warboss has been working to bring us a little more information on what a 30k Starter set could mean.

Please remember that these are rumors.

I also find this link and tie over to the Horus Heresy selling a lot of kit crossovers from GW main to Forgeworld. In reality this is an excellent idea, a great marketing strategy to capitalize on what everyone has been wanting, and to cross promote sales.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
In the last days, there were some rumors by Hastings, what i can say from my sources:

-The Box  is a Standalone / Starter Box hybrid Gaming Set (like the last two)
-The Box works alone but can be used as a base for Crusade Era Armies.
-More sets will come to give HH player a basement in Plastic
-Legio Mk4 Power Squad box
-Maybe the release of a Termi and a Dread box with neutral designs to combine it with the FW legio specific packs and dreads
-Possible a Rhino I upgrade sprue within a own set
-GW will release only a base of models!
-Sells of FW products in the GW-Shop coming near
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