With the new Chaos Daemon codex very much out now, I thought one of the first topics to hit, was the randomness of the Warp Storm Tables. Normally I am one that is against randomness and charts, but this one...... in particular I really enjoy. (and its not from a ha ha, look at what you got perspective.)

The Table itself is rolled on every turn if your primary detachment is Chaos Daemons. This gives a great visual of a literal warpstorm on the battlefield. While the visual theatrics I really like, it really comes down to how the rules on the table are handled. (Imagine how much chaos two Daemon players will have, as each shooting phase a new warpstorm result is rolled)

There is also a Warlord trait to get a re-roll on these tables.

Warp Storm results are rolled on a 2d6. The only real negative ones are the following numbers 2,3, and 4. So your chances of getting a real negative effect are small.

The numbers 5,6,8,and 9 very much effect your enemy more than you, most often with every enemy unit rolling a d6, and a 6 getting hit with something and taking damage. Each number also has the chance to hurt daemons of a particular chaos god. So really a majority of them are all good for Daemon players, and if your army is mostly of one chaos god or another, your chances of taking hits are minimal.

Perhaps this was to a slight push towards armies going strictly to one god or another. Either way, it falls into the fluff nicely, and I look forward to seeing it play out on the tabletop.

5: Storm of Fire. Nurgle units and Enemy: On a 6 place a large blast S4 AP5 Barrage and Ignores cover
6: Rot, Glorious Rot: Tzeentch units and Enemy: On a 6 suffer d6 S4 AP3 hits poisoned 4+ ignores cover
8: The Dark Prince Thirsts: Khorne and Enemy: On a 6 suffer d6 S6 AP- hits rending, ignores cover
9: Khornes Wrath: Slaanesh and Enemy: On a 6 small blast S8 AP3 hits, Barrage

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