Long ago in the far distant past, we had rumors of a massive Tau Empire comprised of unknown races fighting for the greater good. Of course the Demuirg were the biggest news of those days, but we have long since moved past those whispers of new and exciting races, but the question remains....

Are there going to be any new races in the Tau Codex? The Tau codex is next in 40k according to rumors, and scheduled anywhere from April-June.

Please remember that these are rumors. Salt is always required.

A big thanks to Shaso Iceborn for continuing to whisper hints of the future. Remember please as a policy on this site: Discuss the rumors, and please no bashing the sources.

via shaso_iceborn over on Warseer
*There will be no new races (no Demiurge after all). 
*Kroot will be expanded, 
*New Vespid were play-tested I am awaiting confirmation as to whether or not they made into final print.
*There are multiple fliers and and new units. 

This post is intentionally vague until I can gain confirmation of units.

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