The first ever giveaway Ultramarine Blue-Ray giveaway is done. No more emails please. A huge thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment for sending the Blue Rays for the contest, and I appreciate all the entries. In a few hours, I will be emailing the random winners, of which there was almost 500 entries, which really surprised me to the number of responses I received.

What I learned...... Next time set up a separate email account just for the contest. While there was over a hundred entries on the post, my email was completely buried in entries.

So once I get confirmations from the random winners I will announce who won the Ultramarine Blue-Rays. So expect to hear that probably first thing tomorrow or later in the day today. So hold tight for a couple hours, while I contact the winners.                          


  1. I hope you got the 50 dollar bill I attached to the email. Just print it out when you want to use it :P

  2. Hah, I *just* emailed you two seconds ago and then you posted this :-) Sorry dude.

    1. np. I got it in. It was the last entry accepted.

      The email thing was quite funny. I had so many emails, I was like "Holy Crap". It was just a lot of sorting, to make sure I was not missing anything time sensitive.


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