Random tables have been around for a long time, and there is a long history of where they have come from. As far back as I can recall, 40k and Fantasy have had (and frustratingly at times) a lot of random tables to gain powers, mutations, weapons, etc.

While anytime you throw down a random roll for anything, you will have gamers in our hobby object to it. Its time to make a comparison to the history of these tables, like Daemonic Instability, and much much more. After all its fun to take a look back once in awhile.

A big thanks to dRewsus for putting these together for people to find and read.  I have posted only a few of the tables and charts available. please follow the links for the complete collection dRewsus has put together.

Let the true powers of Chaos roll over you for the next few minutes, because once you start here, you may never be able to come back.

Email from dRewsus from the Faeit 212 inbox

Hey Gary,      
As I am sure you have noticed there has been quite a bit of chatter from some people about the amount of tables. Some love it, some hate it. Whatever, but I love it. It is CHAOS after all.  
Well, having played for a very long time, I know that the Realm of Chaos books had TONS of D6-D1000(!) tables and I thought I would take the time to gather them together so people could have a look at where we have come from.    

Slaves to Darkness

Slaves to Darkness Tables 1988

Lost and the Damned

Lost and the Damned Tables 1990

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