Normally this would not make news, but this is not the first time I have heard this, and hence why its worth posting up. The just of it is that we are going to be continuing to see a codex around every 3 months (loosely). Already this year we have seen 2 codex releases, which is nothing short of amazing as its only the beginning of March.

I know this topic at one point (over 6 months ago) was being discussed, and that there was more to it, but it lines up with what was said over on Heresy Online, and correlates with what we have seen with the fast and furious release schedules we have seen lately.

The point I suppose is this, we are looking at getting to every codex within a couple years, OK maybe three, and that this type of release schedule is a dream come true for most hobbyist. It is interesting that GW staff and local stores and at Warhammer World are now dispersing this information.

Along the bottom of this post, I am including Hastings release order list again, because now rumor wise, we are looking past Chaos Daemons, to see what is next, and how quickly the next codex (Tau) may come.

Please remember that this falls under rumors, so as always a little salt is required.

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All 40k armies updated in 3 years?
So on several ocsasions I have spoken to the staff at my FLGS and at warhammer world about releases, and they have been saying that they are aiming to release a new codex every 3 months, and so far that has held up with CSM DA and deamons. That leaves 12 armies left (I think) which means that if GW keeps this release rate then all the armies should be up to date in 3 years.

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For clarity running order for 40k & wfb =

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