We are now into our third codex for 6th edition. So far I like the looks and feel of what a 6th edition codex is looking like, and I have spent a good amount of time within each one. Like most of you reading this, I spend a lot of time trying to read other people are thinking about the latest codex, its strengths, weaknesses, and what units people are excited about.

I think that for the most part, we are still stuck in the mode of previous editions. By that I mean that we tend to look at a codex in its entirety, and with the exception of maybe a cool trick from an allied codex, thats it.

The latest codex has shown us that there will not be a lot of overlapping or crossing over of abilities between codices. However most people talking about the latest Chaos Daemons have practically left out Chaos Space Marines. (not all, but most)

This is 6th edition. Other codices should be thought of as an extension of your own primary force codex. For Chaos Daemons, that means Chaos Space Marines, and Imperial Guard. Both allied codices with Daemons makes for some powerful combinations, with the flexibility to really create some fun strong lists.

For example, the things that are crossing my mind when reading the Chaos Daemon Codex, is adding in the infernal machines of Chaos Marines. Heldrakes, Forgefiends, with lots of cultists. That just sounds fun.

Or going the other direction with the force of the imperial guard. Vendettas, IG blobs, massive tanks, lead to endless possibilities.

I think that reviews of a codex are single codex are great, but what we are missing the entire picture, of what a new codex can become when it is looked at with its allies. Hopefully as things start to settle down a little bit over the next couple weeks, we can start seeing more complete reviews of the Daemon codex taking a closer look into including allies.

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