Now that I have seen the dex, and had a chance to look over it, I really like the over-all feel of it. Granted my time with it has been limited, and I have dug into its depths, but it appears rather balanced and with lots of playable options. Which to me is how 6th edition is really turning out. So on first glance....

Congrats Phil Kelly and to anyone else involved in the design process. It looks like a job well done.

Now a few things I was noticing, is Pink Horrors. I like Tzeentch, so that is where I went first. Most people are already calling them nerfed. I don't think they have been. I think they are different.

They now use the brotherhood of psykers rule for their psychic shooting ability, and I am a little bit concerned on the wording of how they generate powers. Their powers and very interesting, and the primaris power Flickering Fire is 2d6 shots + d6 for 11-15 horrors, and 16-20 its +2d6. S5 AP4 with soul blaze and Warpflame. That can be a lot of shooting. Even with a leadership of 7, because they are a Tzeentch, they get a +3 when manifesting their powers.

Thats just the primaris power, There are other good powers on the Discipline of Change that they could roll up. Not to mention that the iridescent horror can take lesser rewards and even a greater reward.

The other thing that caught my eyes, was that the Greater Daemons, and their unique counterparts, if taken, move Daemon Princes to Heavy Support. So quite easily we can see a large number of Monstrous flying creatures on the board.Granted they are expensive, but the stat lines for those Greater Daemons (I'm looking at you Khorne) are quite nasty.

As I get further into things, get my copy of the codex, I will have more coming.

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