From the desks of Neil Roberts is the latest artwork cover from the Black Library for the audio drama Censure. Censure is not to be released until October, but for now we can enjoy the fantastic artwork.

via The Black Library
Continuing our Calth theme, we thought we’d share Neil Roberts’s latest Horus Heresy cover for the audio drama Censure.

In this tale, Nick Kyme tackles the war that ravaged Calth for ten years following the Ultramarines’ betrayal at the hands of the Word Bearers. The cover shows Sergeant Thiel with his red helmet, once a sign of censure and now a mark of honour (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out Know No Fear). He’s wandering through the irradiated wasteland that was once the beautiful and verdant planet of Calth, the jewel of Ultramar.

If you take a look at the zoomed image, you can see that Thiel has scrawls and plans covering every plate of his armour. These are new practical solutions for tactical problems that he has recorded for posterity.

Censure will be released this October.

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