For a brief moment or two, Forgeworld leaked a video regarding Imperial Armour 12. Thus far I have not heard of anyone that actually got to see the leaked video, so I am hoping that something comes of it, and that someone out there was able to see it before it was taken down.  
If you did by any chance see the video, please let us know what you saw in it, natfka@live. com. 
The community would be eternally grateful and overly excited. Its quite possible the video was meant for release this coming Friday, which would be a lot of fun as well.

I will be digging around today, to see if there was anything else regarding this release. Lets hope something comes up.

via the blog Ponderings of Necron Overlord Rah-Amintop
Ponderings of a Necron Overlord
So are we all just going to ignore the fact that Forge World pretty much just leaked Imperial Armour 12 details on their youtube but then deleted the evidence?
Annoying because I wanna see the god damn new necrons!!
Here is the proof, I got an email saying basicly this

Click on the link and I got this
I am expecting it to be re-uploaded friday! I’m so gutted I didn’t get to watch it before they took it down.

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