FAQ's are out in German now, and of course we have the google translations for them. It seems like a lot of the answers that we were hoping for, did not make it. However, taking a closer look, everything that was answered was erratas, not actual Faqs. So perhaps this is just a quick answer to some serious issues in German.

I fully expect that this simply deals wth rules issues in German, and that a proper FAQ is on its way shortly. So lets not jump on the this sucks because none of the questions were answered scenario. The update is only in German, and included no Faq questions, only erratas.

via Hero's Gaming Blog by Hero

From the German site, because they always get stuff faster than us:

Google translate:
Page 26 - demon of Tzeentch
replace the last sentence with the following: "In addition
Tzeentch demons repeat all protection drafts
of 1 "

Page 49, 100, Sections - disease drones device-type,
change the device-type to "cavalry with schwebemo
Module "or cavalry with floating module (Charaktermo
dell) ".

Page 66 - powerful rewards, Obesity
change the sentence as follows: "the demon has +1 life
point and the special rule it does not die. "

Page 104 - demon of Tzeentch
Change the last half sentence as follows: "protect drafts of 1
be "repeated.

Summary - Icon of Chaos
replace the first paragraph with the following: "If
you the melee bestimmst result, you add one
Results point to your website, in particular if the
melee at least one friendly unit with an
Bound icon of chaos. "

NOTHING about the Tzeentch Chariot.
NOTHING about Masque and Blue Scribes not being Heralds.
NOTHING about Fiends reducing I to 0.
NOTHING about Heralds being Primary detachment only.

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