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Submitting some pictures for the ”what’s on my table” for your perusal. Thanks for a great blogspot to still read!  

Almost a year ago at a local gaming event (lincon in Sweden) me and some likeminded compatriots banded together in an old used mini’s market over our joint love for Warhammer fantasy battles. The upshot of that discussion was that we formed a messenger group, which resulted in our podcast, resulting in us meeting up and running an ongoing campaign of border princes for the 6’th Ed system. The podcast is called “the old world lives” and we mainly discuss 6’th edition fantasy (in regards to rules) but mainly we discuss our professed love for the old world in general, we’ve had the good fortune to interview the esteemed Tuomas pirinen, writer of Mordheim, a gaming system we all adore, which was definitely a dream come true for all of us.

What we have realized is that there is still a plethora of people out in the world who share our passion. But it’s mostly split into small communities, and hopefully we can help some other players get together to play games. Just like how the podcast is made up of great people and we work great together, and we have a good dynamic going on,it would not be possible without all the great guys in our group. There is a great sense of community and passion for WHFB still, so if you’re interested, grab some models and play a game, or give us a facebook message and ask us to find you some players.

For my latest project I’m working on an old dream of doing “chaos united” IE I’m going to do Deamons, Beastmen, and Chaos warriors rolled into one. First up are my beastmen, where I’ve cleared A converted beastlord, a shaman, a Battle standard bearer and even got a hold of the old FW preyton. All in all I’m having a lot of fun, and I feel like my abilities as a painter are improving for each new sculpt I sharpen my teeth on.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoy the pictures!
/krell of the old world lives

with kind regards

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