Warrior Daemon is a one of the single Miniature raffles you can win this year. A great addition to any Chaos Daemon army he is yours to win. You don't need to be present, NOCF will ship the winners their miniatures!

NOCF Summer Raffles- 33 Raffles in All-

Daemon Princes are former mortal Champions of Chaos who have been elevated to daemonhood by the Gods of Chaos. They have bartered their humanity for unearthly power and immortality.

While Daemon Princes come in various shapes, most are of hulking stature, displaying numerous mutations such as horns and wings. Even more notable are the supernatural powers they wield, some of which are associated with their patron god. What they maintain of former selves are the driving ambition and ruthless cunning which helped them earn their ultimate reward.

Join us in thanking Sean McAfee who joins the NOCF Artists’ Consortium this year.

Painted by Sean McAfee (Brush for Hire)

1x Warrior Daemon

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