This year's Warlord Titan is amazing from NOCF for the summer raffles. Its hard to imagine anyone not wanting to get a few tickets on this one, as what other opportunity is there to not only get a Warlord Titan, but get one that is professionally painted and looks like this!

Remember that this is a charity raffle and your proceeds are go to help people around the world. Its a win win any way you look at it.

Nothing left to do but check out these pics and make certain you get in on this raffle.

You don't need to be present, NOCF will ship the winners their miniatures!
NOCF Summer Raffles- 33 Raffles in All-

The Warlord Battle Titan is a class of Imperial Battle Titan. It is the most numerous of Imperial Titans with millions having been built over the many years of its existence; in fact the design is older than the Imperium of Man itself. The Warlord is essentially a walking fortress, packing enough firepower to wipe out entire armies on its own. The only true threat to a Warlord is another Titan of the same magnitude, such as those used by the traitorous Dark Mechanicus or the alien Ork and Eldar races. Thousands of Warlord Titans saw action on both sides during the wars of the Horus Heresy.

But what about THIS Warlord Titan?
Begin encrypted transmission . . .
Security: Vermillion Level
Warning: For Fabricator Locams Eyes or Higher Only
Message Begins. . .
To her most Holy Magos Domina Silvana Repavos:

On this day, I have discovered a gift long thought lost to us upon the planet
designated Calipso II. This world, once a target of the Warmaster Horus and
a victim of the traitor forces during civil war between the Astartes Legions,
has revealed to us a prize beyond value. I am proud to reveal that we have
discovered the lost God Machine and Warlord Class Titan, “Siege of Heaven.”

More of the story of “Siege of Heaven” will be revealed as work continues on the restoration of this God Machine in the coming weeks.

Join us in thanking Caleb Wissenback and his team of renowned artists at CK Studios. Caleb has been with the NOCF Artists’ Consortium since 2014.
Painted by Caleb Wissenback, Vincent Venturella, Sam Lenz, Justin Keefer, and Devin Bush.
Naming and Back Story by Carl Tuttle of Independent Characters
1x Warlord Titan Model

OK. Go here to get in on this......

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