The Birth of Genesys Kickstarter launches in less than 24 hours now. I will have the links all ready to go for launch here right on time 12pm EST, but now is the time to champion the project, share on Facebook or among your playgroups to check out the game.

The Genesys Project has been a labor of love for the last 6 years and for those of you having been around that long, you can recall the very earliest of those days and you've seen and possibly even participated in "Create a Faction Contests". Believe it or not..... those factions have been re-worked and updated to the current rules and will again see the light of day.. the winning factions even getting into the Birth of Genesys 1st Age book.

With all that work that has been put into this project, Im excited to finally being teamed with Dave Taylor Miniatures to make this project successful and take it across the finish line and into your hands. Its been an amazing journey and the most exciting part is that it is just beginning for the both you and me. The Genesys Project is about to unleash a powerful set of rules that allow you to customize and adapt your armies to what you want to play and create. Then to take those armies and dive into a creative and efficient set of Core Rules that allow you to take that faction and advance them through the Ages.

So please look at the Project as we go live tomorrow at 9am PST, 12pm EST and 5pm BST. And best of yet... take action and spread the word.

Genesys Games
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What's in the Campaign?
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