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Thanks for the awesome blog natfka! 
So this has been a real labour of love for me. Always had a thing for the inquisition and especially the Ordo Xenos. When kill team hut i knew what had to happen..... spend all my money on bits and build a team! 

So i give you:

Watch sergeant Halrik Orseln of the Black Templars, Leader.

Black Shield Galen Radk of... ? Zealot specialist.

Veteran Arrven Rauth of the Iron Hands, Demolitions specialist.

Veteran Titus Varenus of the Ultramarines, comms specialist.

Veteran Syrus Klayde of the Raven Guard, Sniper specialist.

Veteran gunner Vorr’n Shen of the Salamanders, Heavy specialist

Vanguard Veteran Furian Arterso if the Blood  Angels, combat specialist.

Veteran gunner Lydus Markov of the Imperial  Fists, veteran specialist.

Currently working on my Watchmaster and a Terminator... and the i suppose Eisenhorn

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