The latest update delves into the magical realm of spell casting. 

Update #15: The Genesys Project Kickstarter

Casting Magic in The Genesys Project is done by channeling energy from beyond our realm, drawing it through the thin veil of the Ethereal. Doing so comes at a risk to those channeling, as casters must not cross their mortal threshold, or they could perish, ripped apart for eternity. With high risks comes great power and the ability to bend the forces of reality, embolden your forces, or to lay waste to the enemy.

As with all other combat in the game, powers require a single die roll from the casting model (same die result is used for both casting and hitting the opponent) and a single die roll for each enemy model affected. Let’s take a look at some of the mechanics.

Mechanics: To successfully cast a power, you must roll a die and add that result to your Willpower characteristic. The total of the casting is now your Combat Resolution Number. To cast your power this CRN will need to be:
  1. Equal to or higher than the Difficulty of the Power
  2. The result does not go exceed the caster’s Mortal Threshold

The resulting Combat Resolution Number is used for any enemy miniatures to save against if they are affected by it. One die roll for the caster and one for the target (if there is an enemy target).

The Difficulty of casting a power (and also your Mortal Threshold) is based upon your Life Domain as presented below. These might be adjusted by certain traits and abilities.
  • Humanoids have a Difficulty of 8 with a Mortal Threshold of 12.
  • The Fey have a Difficulty of 6. Fey have no Mortal Threshold.
  • Reptilia have a Difficulty of 7 with a Mortal Threshold of 14
  • Biests have a Difficulty 8 with a Mortal Threshold of 11.
  • Insekt have a Difficulty of 9 with a Mortal Threshold of 12

Failing to cast a power typically has no effect upon the caster, unless the caster fails while Channeling, or the result crosses over the Mortal Threshold.

Mortal Threshold: Powers are dangerous, and harnessing too much otherworldly energy ravages the body, tearing it from its connection through the Veil. Any result that is higher than the model’s Mortal Threshold results in immediate death of the caster. The model may not be resurrected, as the unleashed energies have torn apart the caster in a violent and spectacular way.

Channeling: This is done through different methods, dependent upon the type of caster. Let’s look at two of them briefly.
  • Arcane Casters can channel by using Toughness points to supplement the die roll for determining the success or their power. Failing results in a loss of the Toughness points being used as the failed casting sucks the life out of the caster.
  • Faith Casters use the devotion and prayers of others to help cast their powers as well as mitigate and absorb any failings. While safer to cast, Faith magic requires the faithful to use their actions in prayer to supplement the die roll for casting.

The ultimate goal of channeling is to successfully cast the power and remain at or within the caster’s Mortal Threshold. Casting powers is not for the meek and it takes a little extra thought when creating your spellcasters. However, with the magical items found in technomancy, spell-focused abilities, and sometimes a little luck, channeling results in success. Of course, that is until you decide to attempt something very powerful and beyond your caster’s ability.

Powers can be customized to increase the strength, range, duration, area of effect, or even combine powers into a single casting. When you customize a power, you are adding properties to it, which will increase the difficulty level for casting.
For example, if I wanted to increase the Strength of my Fire Power by 2, this would require two properties to be added to the power, increasing the difficulty by 2. Other options include changing the shape of the power into a blast radius, cone effect, a short-ranged arc, or even a beam or ray.

There are abilities and items as well that can help with casting powers. Wands can help modify the die roll by 1 either up or down, and others like staves to help raise the Mortal Threshold of the caster. While casters use their Willpower to cast powers, there are other methods of casting powers that use different characteristics such as Command or Discipline.


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